Get an effective supervision of your clusters with simplified access to key health indicators, issues and bad practices.

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KuboVisor Kubernetes cluster monitoring KPI

Automated issue detection

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production grade kubernetes cluster

Highlighting Potential Cluster Issues

Unlike monitoring solutions with raw metrics, KuboVisor helps you focus on potential cluster issues without being a Kubernetes expert.

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Keep cluster configuration fast & simple

Smart Alerting System

KuboVisor checks regularly the health of your cluster core components and workloads. KuboVisor makes sure you don't miss crucial information with a smart alerting system.

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Kubernetes recurring issues errors

Seeing all your Clusters in One Place

See potential clusters issues for all your clusters whether on-premises or cloud based from one place.

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Reduce kubernetes costs

Nothing to Install on your Cluster

KuboVisor does not require to install an agent on your cluster. Nothing will be written on your cluster.

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Do you support all cloud providers?
Do you support on-premise environments?
What happen if my cluster is not directly accessible?

With KuboVisor, see potential threats on your clusters on time

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