About Us

Kubo Labs was created by a team of k8s wizards. The idea behind Kubo Labs came up 3 years ago when we realized how complicated it was for our clients to build and maintain secure and stable kubernetes clusters.

We enjoy hiding the complexity of Kubernetes

We believe that the main challenge in the next decade will be to simplify the access to infrastructure technologies, including Kubernetes.

Kubernetes complex setup

We are a team of Kubernetes Experts

We love to share what we have learnt about kubernetes Best Practices.

Our Team

Alain Regnier
President & CTO

He likes coding, piloting planes and playing basketball.

François-Xavier Renaux

Strategy, marketing & kite surf have no secret for him.

Olivier Croisier
Senior Java Architect

He likes having breakfast with coders

Nicolas Goudry
Kubernetes Expert

JS and k8s enthusiast, he is also a rabid biker, a DIY lover and a german shepard dog’s owner!

Damien Barrion
Java Developper

Sports fan (cycling, rugby, volley...), concert lover, he's travelling in Europe with a marmot plush.

Joshgun Huseynov
Full stack developper

He likes to play guitar and shoot with vintage analog cameras.

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Just want to check for potential misconfigurations and bad practices on your clusters? Well that's a good start.

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