Get a free Kubernetes Audit

Is your Kubernetes cluster correctly configured and secured?

KuboScore runs multiple scenarios on your clusters to check for potential misconfigurations and bad practices that will lead to security incidents or performance issues.
KuboScore makes sure that your cluster is production ready.

KuboScore Kubernetes

Full Health Analysis of your Clusters

Reduce kubernetes costs

Make sure core components are correctly installed

KuboScore will verify if key features and key components are working (container engine, control plane, workers, kubelet..).

production grade kubernetes cluster

Check your cluster security

KuboScore will assess your cluster and make sure it follows  security Best Practices.

Keep cluster configuration fast & simple

Verify your cluster network

KuboScore will check if your cluster network has been correctly configured.

Kubernetes recurring issues errors

Analyze your workloads

KuboScore will check if your workloads are available, working correctly and follow Best Practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is KuboScore free?
Can the cluster analysis be done directly from my machine?
Do you support all cloud providers?
Do you support on-premise environments?
What happen if my cluster is not directly accessible?

With KuboScore, check if your cluster is well configured

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