KuboSetup is the simplest tool to build a cluster that follows Best Practices, is fully secured and, most of all, works perfectly fine from day one.

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production grade kubernetes cluster

Security as a Top Priority

During the setup, KuboSetup will make sure that security best practices are in place: encrypted communications between components, use of secured bastion host to protect cluster access, network level firewall enabled and well configured...

Keep cluster configuration fast & simple

Easy Setup

KuboSetup will configure and make the best technical choices based on your needs. No matter what option you choose in the form, we are making sure that your cluster will work from day one and will follow Best Practices.

Kubernetes recurring issues errors

Pre-configured Extensions

With KuboSetup, you can add automatically usefull extensions (Prometheus, Grafana, Istio, Velero, Certmanager/letsencrypt, EFK, Longhorn...) that are correctly installed and pre-configured based on your needs. This is something you normally have to do yourself with other solutions.

Reduce kubernetes costs

No Vendor Lock-in

Thanks to our vendor-agnostic approach, you can deploy the exact same cluster on different platforms (including on-premises), thus enabling stress-free workload migrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need a Kubernetes cluster, why should I use KuboSetup instead of a Kubernetes-as-a-service offer (GKE, AKS, EKS)?
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Do you support all cloud providers?
Do you support on-premise environments?
Can I request for the support of my favourite environment/feature XYZ?
Can you help us migrate a cluster from a cloud provider to another?
Does KuboSetup handle the deployment of your application?
Does KuboSetup come with cluster add-ons (Prometheus, Vault, EFK, Istio, Cert Manager...)?

With KuboSetup, build a production-ready cluster

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